Volunteer Profiles

Run a Report

This export creates o line for each volunteer and include any of the basic profile information, the Custom Fields (if there are any in your Community Impact accunt), the Qualifications (if there are any) and the date the volunteer last logged in.

  1. Go to: Reports >> Exports / Excel Reports
  2. Select the desired report to run
  3. In the “Organization Filters” section, select the desired organizations to include in the search. If you have created Regions, your organizations will be displayed within their respective region. You can select individual organizations, some/all organizations in a region or all organizations in your enterprise.
  4. Search for the desired profiles (See: Search)
  5. Basic Export Columns:
    • Name Fields
    • Address and Phone Fields: street address, telephone numbers
    • Email and Social Fields: email addresses, Twitter/LinkedIn information
    • Misc Fields: unique ID, username, birthday, profile created/updated dates, Region, role, notes
  6. Custom Fields: Select the enterprise level Custom field values to be included in the export
  7. Qualifications: Select the enterprise level Qualification values to be included in the export
  8. Hours Logged: You can include all logged hours or filter for a specific date range and select what organizations and Activity Report Groups to include
  9. Other Settings:
    • Include last login date
    • File format (XLSX, XLS, CSV, TXT)
  10. Click the [Export Profiles] button


Organization Profile Exports


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