What is a Qualification?

Beyond basic contact information in a volunteer’s profile, you can collect and store further information about a volunteer in a “Qualification”. When you add a Custom Field into the system and also include it on an application form, it will be part of every expression of interest to volunteer sent to your member agencies.

You member Agencies can also add their own Qualifications.



Add New

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Qualifications
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Qualification” header and click on “New Qualification” (or click the [+ New Qualification] button).
    1. Enter a Qualification name (required, maximum 200 characters)
    2. Select whether the Qualification will be “Visible to all organizations” in your enterprise or only “Visible to selected organizations”, which will then enable you to select the specific organizations. (If you add more organizations to your enterprise, the Qualification will automatically be visible to the new organizations if you choose “Visible to all organizations”.  If you choose “Visible to selected organizations”, you will need to edit the Qualification and manually make it visible to any new organizations.)
    3. Select what the volunteer can do with the Qualification:
      • Private: Only accessible to the administrator
      • Read only: Data entered by the administrator can be seen by the volunteer but not edited
      • Read/write with approval: Data entered by the volunteer requires approval by the administrator
      • Read/write without approval: Data entered by the volunteer does not require approval
    4. Select the application forms on which this Qualification will appear and whether or not a value is required by those filling in an application
    5. Select the type of Qualification to create:
      • Exact Match: Items are displayed alphabetically. If used in an Activity, the volunteer must have the exact level specified.
      • Ranked: Items are displayed in a specific order, determined by the administrator. If used in an Activity, the volunteer must have at least the level specified.
    6. Specify whether or not the Qualification requires an expiry date if a value (item) is selected
    7. Create the items to appear in the drop-down list for the Qualification:
      • Individual items: Type in an item and click the [Add Item] button
      • Multiple items: Click the [Add Multiple Items] button and specify the list of items to create. Items can also be copied and pasted from Microsoft Excel. Once entered, items can be rearranged or removed.
    8. Optional: Enter a description
  3. Click the [Save] button

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