Organization Profiles

Run a Report

This report is shows the relationship between each volunteer and the organizations with which they are associated. It can show the date they applied to the agency and their current status in each one.

  1. Select the desired report to run
  2. In the “Organization Filters” section, select the desired organizations to include in the search. If you have created Regions, your organizations will be displayed within their respective region. You can select individual organizations, some/all organizations in a region or all organizations in your enterprise.
  3. Search for the desired profiles (See: Search)
  4. Click the [Show Columns] button and select the the fields that you would like included in the export.
  5. Other Settings:
    1. Include last login date
    2. File format (XLSX, XLS, CSV, TXT)
  6. Click the [Export Profiles] button

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