Profile Status

How They Are Used - Volunteer and Administrator

Volunteer Statuses

There are no specific rules on this but below is how most organizations approach this.

Applicant: Indicates volunteers who have filled in the application but you have not looked at it yet.

In Process: Indicates volunteers who you have begun to bring on board but there is still more work to do

Accepted: Typically the volunteers that are active at least once a year

Inactive – Short term: Indicates volunteers who may be unavailable for a short period of time (vacation, illness)

Inactive – Long term: Indicates volunteers who may be unavailable for a longer period of time (leave of absence) but you and the volunteer still want them to be considered a part of the organization.

Archived – No longer volunteering with you and in all likelihood, not coming back. All hours data as well as contact information, custom fields and qualifications remain as a part of their profile. If they were to log into, they would not see anything related to your organization except a record of their log hours and feedback.

Removed (although not really a status): Only hours logged and feedback remain in your system.

Volunteers cannot change their status, but they can “self-archive” (i.e. remove themselves from your organization) if they are quitting or moving out of the area.

The volunteer’s status can also be used to restrict what is visible to them when signing up for activities.


Administrator Statuses

Active: Able to log in and work within the software, potentially with the limitations put in place as a Limited Administrator

Archived: Not able to to log into the software

Once an administrator has been archived, their status can be changed back to Active again at a later date.

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