Adding a New Activity

Step 4 - Choosing Minimum Qualifications Required


  1. Select the relevant Qualifications for this activity. Volunteers must meet or exceed what you select here to be considered qualified for the Activity. As we mentioned in Step 3, considered qualified for the Activity can define whether or not they can see it and whether or not they can self-schedule.
  2. Click Next to move on to the Feedback Fields or Save if you are not adding any feedback questions or classifications. (Classifications exist for Enterprise clients only.)
Just getting started?
If you are just getting started and there aren’t qualifications listed here yet, click on the [+ Add New] button to add one.

Tutorial on Adding New Qualifications.

If there is no [+ Add New] button on your screen, your administrator rights do not allow you to add qualifications. You will need to contact the super administrator at your organization.

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