Adding a New Activity

Step 3 - Choosing Visibility and Self-scheduling Options

Visibility and Automation

  1. Visible to: Select which volunteers can see your Activity. If they can see it, they can sign up for it.
  2. Self-Scheduling: Automatically assign these volunteers when they sign up for the Activity/shift
  3. Auto Lock: Prevents volunteers from signing up when an Activity/shift is full
  4. Minimum Volunteers: Minimum number of people needed for the Activity/shift
  5. Maximum Volunteers: Maximum number of people needed for the Activity/shift (triggers the auto-lock)
  6. Allow volunteers to remove themselves: Indicate whether or not volunteers who have confirmed their assignment can withdraw from it
  7. Cutoff signup: Indicate whether you want to prevent people from signing up for a shift within a specified number of hours before it begins


We have selected the most common settings used on this screen but they can be changed of course to meet your particular needs. One change that you will need to do is either fill in a maximum number of volunteers allowed in the Activity/shift, OR uncheck the auto-lock feature, which ever best suits your needs for this particular Activity.
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