Adding a New Activity

Step 1 - Adding Basic Info Such As Activity Name and Description

What is an Activity

An activity is a task, assignment, position or opportunity (depending on what terminology your organization uses) to which a volunteer can be assigned. It can also be used to create a scheduled event such as a training session or volunteer orientation. Activities that have something in common can be grouped into categories.

Add New Activity - Basic Info

  1. Go to: Activities >> Manage Activities
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Activities” header and click on “New Activity”
  3. Click the “Basic Info” header and fill in the following:
    1. Activity: The name of the position (maximum 50 characters)
    2. Category: Select from the list (You can create these later and then move this Activity)
    3. Activity Report Group: (Only applicable to accounts in an Enterprise license)
    4. Application Form: Prospective applicants can be directed to fill in a specific application form when viewing this activity (Just getting started? Leave this as the default.)
    5. Active or Inactive status: Activities not marked as Active won’t be visible to volunteers and won’t appear on most of your admin screens.
    6. Description – pre-assigned: Information about the activity, seen by those who are applying for it
    7. Description – post-assigned: More detailed information for those assigned to the activity
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