Signup Links for Your Website


What Is a Link for Website

The best way to get volunteers engaged is to have a link on your website that takes them to an online application form that feeds the data directly into your Volunteer Impact software. This link is has to be unique to your organization and it is this Links for Website function  that creates it. Whoever takes care of you website will likely know exactly what to do with this script and can change its appearance if desired.

Generate Signup Link

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Links for Website
  2. Choose the type of link to generate:
    1. Activity List: Link to a page showing applicants a list of General Interests and Activities visible to the general public. From here, they can fill in a volunteer application form.
    2. Signup Form: Direct link to your application form.
  3. Select the application form to generate
  4. Optional: Enter link text
  5. Click the [Generate Link] button to generate a preview, HTML code and a URL that you can add to your website


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