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What Is an Email Template

Email Templates are time savers when it comes to sending out frequently used email messages. The can be sent exactly as stored in the template or used as a starting point for modification prior to sending.

Add New

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Email Templates or Communicate >> Email Templates
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Email Template” header (or click the [+ New Email Template] button).
  3. Enter an Email Template name (required, maximum 200 characters) This is not included in what eventually gets sent to a volunteer.
  4. Optional: Enter a description. This is not included in what eventually gets sent to a volunteer.
  5. Select which administrators get to use this Email Template. For example: by choosing Volunteer, any admin who is a volunteer administrator will have access to this template. Just getting started? Select Volunteer.
  6. Enter the email subject (maximum 200 characters)
  7. Enter the body of the message (text only). This content can be edited when sending an email message.
  8. Optional: Add attachments from the Document Library. The combined size of the message plus any attachments cannot exceed 4MB.
  9. Click the [Save] button

This template will now be available to you the next time you send an email to one volunteer or any list of volunteers.

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