Email Notifications to Administrators

Configuring Which Notifications an Administrator Receives

What Is an Email Notification to Administrators?

As an administrator of Volunteer Impact, you can choose to receive notification by email when:

  • A new volunteer completes your application form
  • A volunteer signs up for an Activity/shift or changes availability
  • Declines an assigned shift
  • A volunteer resigns from your organization

Configuring Which Notifications an Administrator Receives

  1. Type part of the name of the relevant administrator in the Quick Search bar near the top on the right
  2. Click on that administrators name in the list that appears.
  3. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section
  4. In the “Administrator” section, go to the “Communications” options in “Admin Settings”
  5. Set the desired Notifications:
    1. Change in Activity availability notifications: Sent when volunteers sign up for an Activity/shift or change their availability.
    2. Declined shift assignment notifications: Sent when volunteers decline a shift to which they have been assigned
    3. Volunteer status change notifications: Sent when volunteers resign from your organization. This will change the volunteer’s status to “Archived” with a reason of either “Moved” or “Quit”.
    4. New organization member notifications: Sent when new volunteers completes your application form.
  6. Click the [Save] button at the bottom of the “Administrator” section
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