System Administrator

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Start with Basic Contact Details

1. Go to: People >> Add an Admin
2. Fill in the fields in the “Contact Information” section. Mandatory fields are indicated with a flag. Usernames (not case sensitive) and passwords (case sensitive) must be at least 6 characters in length.

Settings - Administrator Role

Choose an Administrator Role. Your options are:

Full: access to all menu items
Limited: access to only specific menu items, as configured in the associated Limited Access Administrative Role
Module: Most clients are set up with an administrator module and a volunteer module. If your organization also subscribes to the Client module or Member module, these will be options as well. Administrators of a module have the ability to use all functions available within that module.
No system access: Used for Better Impact billing contacts, contacts for volunteers who don’t need access to the software

Settings - Email Notifications

Choose which email notifications this administrator should receive. Your options are:

  • Change in Activity availability notifications: Sent when volunteers sign up for an Activity/shift or change their availability.
  • Declined shift assignment notifications: Sent when volunteers decline a shift to which they have been assigned
  • Volunteer status change notifications: Sent when volunteers resign from your organization. This will change the volunteer’s status to “Archived” with a reason of either “Moved” or “Quit”.
  • New organization member notifications: Sent when new volunteers complete your application form.

Settings - Contact person

Checking this box enables volunteers to send an email to the administrator from their profile.

Finish this step with a click of the [Add an Admin] button. If custom fields have been added to the Admin Module, continue by adding other information to the administrator’s profile.

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