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Aside from training on our software, Better Impact trainers are available to help you in a variety of areas. The offerings below are suitable for conferences and for custom use in a single organization. We live and breathe volunteer management so whether it’s help with our software or just about anything else, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to help!

Workshops by Tony Goodrow

The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the Return on Investment of Your Volunteer Engagement

For a couple of decades, the volunteer sector has established a notion that more volunteer hours is better than fewer volunteer hours, without regard for what gets accomplished in those hours. For the past few years now though, we’ve begun to look at things differently. It’s not that more hours is inherently a bad thing. It is that more hours for the sake of more hours is a bad thing. Achieving the same results with more hours is wasteful of those extra hours. And those extra hours don’t come for free. Those hours belong to volunteers, who through their generosity, are letting us spend them, just like financial donors give us their money and let us spend it. This workshop addresses the flaws of a more-hours-for-the-sake-of-more-hours approach and offers a better alternative.

What We Can Learn about (Volunteer) Leadership from Zappos!

New for 2015! Zappos has tens of thousands of people apply for hundreds of job opportunities. If this is your “problem” we’ll look at how to turn this problem into leading edge volunteer engagement. If you are struggling to find enough volunteers, this workshop will help you discover what you need to do to attract people like Zappos does. By the way, it’s obviously not with money as they pay an average wage at entry level jobs and below industry average at higher level jobs.

The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the Return on Investment of Your Organization Overall

New for 2015! Often it is hard to draw the line between volunteer contributions to the mission of an organization and staff contributions towards it. In these cases,the ROI of the organization as a whole is worth modeling. As donors and general funders become more demanding (understandably) in understanding the return on investment of their financial support, the Relative Impact model becomes an important resource in an organization’s ability to demonstrate the added value generated in a donor’s “investment” in the organization.

“Fantastic! I have been trying to explain this to my CEO. Now I’ll be able to show him.”

“Most useful info ever.”

“Now if leadership could see this.”

“It totally made sense and couldn’t have been more timely.”

“Revolutionary. Make it the keynote next year.”
Very enlightening – great info with practical application – critical in today’s climate.”

“Excellent and useful information for communicating the value of volunteer programs and volunteer management professionals.”

“Opened my eyes to an entirely new way to measure the value and cost of our volunteer program.”
“Bring him back! He taught us to speak the same language as a board.”

“Best presentation in a couple of years.”

“This is a wonderful tool to give visibility and purpose to what volunteers do in our organizations.”

“I loved, loved, loved the training on Friday! He was concise, organized and charismatic! Thanks!”

Workshops by Rob Jackson

Customer Service & Volunteering

Just like anything else a volunteer program need to provide great customer service. Whether to existing volunteers, staff colleagues or a public interesting in giving you time, there is no excuse for not giving great service. This workshop will help you understand the importance of good customer service in a volunteer program and consider what you can do to improve the service you provide.

Developing Meaningful Roles for Volunteers

Developing roles for volunteers is an aspect of volunteer management that gets little attention compared to the more popular topics of recruitment and retention. Yet without well designed, meaningful and motivating volunteer roles, it is often much harder to get and keep volunteers. This workshop will provide a method – and outline the key issues to consider – for developing such volunteer roles.

How to Develop as a Volunteer Manager

What do you want from a career in working with volunteers? Do you even see volunteer management as a career or just a step towards something else? How can you take control of your professional development? Drawing on his own personal career journey, Rob will help you focus on how you can develop as a volunteer manager and what options are available to you to make your goals happen.

Myths of Volunteer Management

Volunteers can’t handle confidential information. Volunteers are less effective than paid staff. Volunteers take people’s jobs. We’ve all heard these kinds of things but do we know how to respond? In this workshop we’ll explore some of the commonly held myths about volunteers and volunteering so you can sharpen those arguments to stand up for your work.

The Philosophy of Volunteering

There is nothing as practical as a good theory. In this workshop you’ll have the chance to explore what you believe about volunteering – what it is, what it isn’t, why you think that – and consider what this might mean for your work as a volunteer manager. The workshop will be highly interactive and is always a bit provocative and a lot of fun.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

From developing meaningful work for volunteers to do through to how to handle volunteers leaving you, this course has it all. Designed as modular content so the training can be adapted to suit different needs, this course can be run as a two-day all inclusive program or trimmed to focus on what you need in the time you have available.

Social Media and Volunteer Management

The social media revolution is here. How can we use social media to enhance our work with volunteers? How can we keep up with the endless change and, even better, get ahead of the curve? This workshop will provide some answers, looking at what social media is and how it can be used to recruit new volunteers and communicate with our current teams. Whether it’s a mystery to you or you want to share your experience, this session will challenge, inspire and enthuse you to take action and go social.

Ten Top Tips For Making Your Organization Attractive to Volunteers

We’ll explore ten key areas you can focus on to make your organization even better at getting great volunteers. From the importance of simply thanking volunteers to principles of leadership and why good customer care is important, this workshop will confirm some essentials and give you new ideas to try.

Understanding and Engaging 21st Century Volunteers

Volunteering today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. This session will look at some of the key ways in which society is changing and how these changes affect volunteerism. However, just exploring these changes isn’t enough. We will also discuss what leaders of volunteers can do to update their practices to accommodate these changes; further enhancing their engagement and retention of 21st century volunteers.

Valuing Volunteer Management

New for 2015! In this session we’ll look at the essential role of the leader and manager of volunteers. What do we know about Volunteer Resource Managers? How do / should they operate within 21st century organizations? How can we effectively lobby for more support? With a mix of presentation and group discussion this workshop will leave you with at least one action to help you gain more influence within your organization.

“Just one day with Rob has helped people change the way they think about volunteers and the opportunities volunteering can offer our organization and the people we support.”

“An excellent session that provoked a lot of thought, especially as a current volunteer of 12 years standing who is beginning to feel a little taken for granted. Thank you.”

“I thought volunteer management and training would be dry and boring but the training definitely made it interesting and enjoyable and I took more away (a lot more) than from an average training session.”
”Really accommodating, open, honest, friendly – Rob works hard top provide a good interactive delivery.”

“A lot of useful information. Positive and thought-provoking stuff. Very enjoyable and interactive.”

“The quality of his materials was outstanding and the delivery was extremely engaging. Given the very practical and focused nature of the course I have no doubt a lot of charities will find it very useful.”

“Rob is a very engaging and energetic speaker who was able to answer the many questions put to him – by a very able audience – with authority and enthusiasm!”
“Excellent speaker, very engaging.”

Rob is an extremely engaging and inspirational speaker. We would definitely use him again.”

“Outstanding presentation, incredible breadth of vision.”

“Rob has great credibility because of his detailed knowledge of volunteering issues. He generated much interest from the audience and interacted very well with them, using humor as appropriate. Warmly recommended.”

Workshops by Andy Fryar

Turn Your Organization into a Volunteer Magnet!

In 2004, Andy Fryar and two English colleagues created an e-book titled ‘Turn your organization into a volunteer magnet.’ A 2nd edition was published in 2007. In this workshop Andy will share the lessons learned from this tri-continental project and discuss some challenging truths about the willingness of volunteer managers to give back to their profession.

So Just What is ‘Advanced’ Anyway?

What does it mean to be working at an ‘advanced’ level in volunteer program management? What are the traits and qualities a volunteer manager should exhibit to be considered ahead of the field? Let Andy walk you through the 17 characteristics he has identified and see how you compare!

Turning Bad News into Brand New Energy!

This workshop examines our responsibilities as volunteer management professionals to the well being and care of volunteers experiencing difficult times and other times of high stress. What are our ethical and moral duties and what might be the long term pay off for programs that do this well?

Coping Skills for Volunteer Managers

While the responsibilities placed upon volunteer managers grows every day, the support mechanisms to help them cope often do not exist. In this interactive workshop, Andy will walk you through some key tips to not only survive – but to flourish.

Manage Your Time ~ Retain Your Sanity!

A lack of time is often cited as the number one reason VPM’s don’t network more or progress as much as they’d like in the development of their programs. This workshop looks at effective time management strategies specifically from the perspective of a volunteer manager.

Attracting Young People to Volunteering

In this interactive workshop Andy examines the demographic characteristics of Generation Y and what these mean to having young people join our agencies as volunteers

My Boomerang Won’t Come Back!

Behind every problem there’s a perception or false assumption at play! This interactive workshop will examine the role that perception plays in effective volunteer program management.

Getting Involved with International Exchange

Being in tune with international trends is critical to running a volunteer program – even at the local level, and thankfully the internet now makes meaningful exchange an option within the reach of most volunteer program managers. Andy will guide you through a range of ways to get involved in international exchange opportunities, both online and in person.

“I have had many volunteer trainings over the years and this one was the most comprehensive and provided some much needed eye opening material going forward to improve our volunteer program.”

“Exceeding our expectations, Andy Fryar shared his expertise in volunteer management. Knowing only too well the issues faced by charities, Andy offered a myriad of suggestions and solutions to assist delegates in recruiting and retaining volunteers. Delegates were able to participate in frank and honest discussion in the aim of improving their current practice with volunteers.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for a very stimulating and thought-provoking workshop on Wednesday – it was really worthwhile. You have a natural gift for communicating with people, Andy, and you seem to be able to do it so effortlessly!”

“Thank you so much for coming to Columbus yesterday. It was worth our drive from Kentucky. You are truly inspirational!”

“Andy was excellent. I really found him inspiring and his stories really helped me understand more about what impact we really do have on volunteers.”
“Andy is one of the leading lights in volunteerism internationally. His hard work, energy and commitment to the field are surpassed only by his extensive knowledge of volunteerism and his friendly and professional approach to his work.”

“Let me express my appreciation for having attended the IAVM course and the ‘boomerang’ session with you, because it indeed helped me shape up on becoming a more 'practical volunteer manager.'

“Thanks so much for your training for AVA - MC in Chicago. It made me rethink our entire volunteer program and how it is evolving.”

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