Salvation Army

We are currently helping over 350 Salvation Army corps in four Territories in North America and over 200 Salvo Stores in Australia.

Recruit more volunteers into your Red Kettle Campaign

More shifts filled means more money raised and Volunteer Impact can help you make that happen.

Easy and thorough tracking of volunteers

Safe From Harm, criminal background checks, references and anything else you need in your division or territory can be tracked in Volunteer Impact.

Our in-house experience with the Salvation Army is unsurpassed

Rob Bonesteel, the former Director of the Volunteer Department for the Salvation Army, Central Territory, USA, is now part of the Better Impact team as our representative to all our Salvation Army members.

Simplify reporting

Generate corps-based reports that can also feed into divisional reports.

Considering this for the whole Division?

Volunteer Impact has flexible capabilities to work with a centralized approach and/or decentralized one as applicable.

Bulk pricing

One of the ways we are helping is though the bulk rate pricing available to the Salvation Army based on the sheer size of the partnership. It is just $200 / year / corps (or other business unity if run separately from the corps account)

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What your peers say...

“The software is easy to use, it provides consistency among our 300 offices while allowing flexibility to meet local needs, and input is sought to constantly improve the software.”
“What is most impressive is the staff. They are easily accessible, honest/fair, genuinely concerned for their customers, and very intelligent and competent. There is no other company I trust more!”
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