Volunteer Profile Structure

Important Notes

  • The structure and attributes of the “Contact”, “General Availability” and “Miscellaneous” tabs cannot be customized. You cannot add or remove fields here or change whether or not a value is required for a specific field.
  • A volunteer cannot change their status, but they can “resign” from your organization, thereby archiving their profile and telling you that they are moving or resigning.
  • A volunteer cannot change their “Volunteer Date Joined” value or their hours permissions.
  • The “Notes” in the “Miscellaneous” tab and “Note Log” in the “Communications” tab are visible only to administrators.

Volunteer Profile Structure

Structure of a volunteer’s profile:

  • Main tab:
    • Contactname, address, telephone, email, birthdate, photo, username, password, twitter, LinkedIn
    • Custom Fieldscustom field values
    • Qualificationsqualification values
    • General Interestsgeneral interest selections
    • General Availabilitygeneral availability selections
    • Miscellaneousvolunteer status, date volunteer status last changed, volunteer date joined, application form completed, hours permissions, goals, notes
  • Communications tab:
    • Personal Messagedisplay a message on the volunteer’s home page
    • Send Emailsend an email (visible only if an email address has been entered)
    • Send Mobile Emailsend an email to a mobile device (visible only if a mobile email address has been entered)
    • Email Historyhistory of messages sent to the volunteer
    • Send Text Messagesend a text message to the volunteer (visible only if text messaging has been enabled for the organization)
    • Note Logenter a note and view a history of confidential volunteer profile notes
  • Assign tab – assign the volunteer to activities
  • Schedule tab – view / edit the volunteer’s schedule, produce a calendar report of scheduled assignments for a one-month period for the volunteer, export schedule details and signup details for the volunteer
  • Hours tab – log / view / edit hours for the volunteer or start a timeclock
  • Reports tab:
    • Reportsview / generate hours and feedback reports for the volunteer
    • Comparisonscompare the volunteer’s hours based on year / quarter / month / week
    • Exportsexport information on hours and feedback logged
    • Review Text Feedbackview any pending text feedback logged by the volunteer
  • Committees tab – committee memberships
  • Classifications tab – view / edit classification selections (only available if the organization is part of an enterprise that has created classifications)
  • Connections tab – (only available if the organization uses the Client Module)

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