Version 4.9.0

Group Signups / Group Scheduling

The Focus of the Release

  • Volunteers can now sign up as a group for an Activity!
    • If a volunteer’s profile has been identified as a group profile, they can sign up for Activities in as a group and specify the number of group members associated with that signup!
    • Administrators can also decide whether or not to allow groups to sign up for specific Activities. This setting can also be changed in bulk.
    • There is now a new “Group Settings” section in user profiles (under “Miscellaneous”) where the administrator can indicate that the profile is a group, enabling that profile to specify a group size when signing up for Activities! The name of the group can also be specified here.
    • New filter for searches: “Group Filters” (Don’t Filter (default), Individuals Only, Groups Only).
    • Information on whether or not a profile is a group profile and the name of the group can be included in the Personal Profile, Schedule Detail and Signup Detail exports.


The ability for a volunteer to sign up for an activity as a group is only available if you enable group scheduling in your organization (or at the enterprise level) and “Allow group signup” has been enabled for the activity.

More Options for Customizing Your Application Forms

  • Organizations can now customize the signup process and the messages that appear to applicants
    • A default message reminds applicants to complete the full application form. You can now customize that message and also include it at the bottom of the page (in addition to its current position at the top of the application).
      • You have the choice of applying your own formatting to this message or having it appear in a “Notice” box. In that case, it will take on the formatting you have specified in your Branding settings.
    • You can disable a specific application form to prevent volunteers from signing up using that form and customize the message that will appear when applicants click on your signup link for that application form.
    • Within a volunteer’s profile, you can see what application form was used to apply. You can also search for all those who used a specific application form!

Volunteers Can Subscribe to a Calendar of Their Schedule

  • Volunteers can now subscribe to a calendar containing their activity assignments
    • In addition to a weekly schedule reminder email, volunteers can also subscribe to a calendar feed that will include their scheduled activity assignments.
    • The best part… this information is refreshed if there are changes in the schedule!

Text Messaging

  • Communicate with your volunteers by sending text messages
    • You can send a text message to one or more people and view a history of text messages you have sent.
    • Volunteers can opt in to (or out of) receiving communications by text message. Communications Filters (in searches) will enable you to filter for volunteers with or without text messaging enabled.
    • Information on whether or not a person has enabled text messaging can be included in the Personal Profile Export.
    • This option can also be restricted from your Limited Administrators, if necessary.

If you wish to be able to send text messages (“SMS”) to people in your organization or enterprise, you can contact us at Better Impact and we can enable that feature for you. This will be an optional upgrade and fees based on usage will apply

Add New Feedback Fields When Creating a New Activity

  • Add new Feedback Fields when you are creating a new Activity
    • If you haven’t created a Feedback Field that is needed by the Activity you are creating, you can now add it while you are building you new Activity.

Create a Shift Template From the Shifts You Add to an Existing Activity

  • Save the shifts you are adding to an existing Activity as a template
    • Just as you can do in a new Activity, you can now save the shifts you are adding on a Recurring Pattern (i.e. add multiple shifts) as a Shift Template.
    • Within the Schedule section of an existing Activity, just click “Add Multiple Shifts”, enter the pattern you wish to add and then you’ll be able to save that pattern as a new Shift Template!

Include Schedule Classifications in Your Activities

  • Include Schedule Classifications in your Activities to define when they generally occur
    • When you build an Activity, you can check the appropriate Schedule Classifications. These will enable you to indicate the day of the week and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) that your activity generally occurs.
    • When you include Schedule Classifications in Activity and volunteers fill in their General Availability, you’ll be able to see which volunteers are potential candidates for your Activity.

Search For Volunteers by Age

  • A new search option has been added to enable you to search for volunteers by age (greater than, less than, between), if they have entered their date of birth.

Google Analytics

  • Using Google Analytics, organizations can now track the traffic on their public pages!

Improved Visibility of Buttons in

  • The appearance of various buttons in the Opportunities and Schedule tabs in (i.e. Sign Up, Confirm, Decline, Remove) have been enhanced by adding subtle borders to make them stand out more.

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