Version 4.8.0

Further Enhancements Based on Your Suggestions!

The Focus of the Release

While there is no main focus that is visible in this release, we have incorporated some enhancements based on your suggestions to continually improve our software.

We’ve also been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on the addition of a texting function that does not rely on the mobile email. It will be offered as an optional feature as additional fees will have to apply based on usage. Stay tuned for further details!

Additional Control Over Visibility of Files in the Document Library

  • You can now specify that files in your Document Library are visible only to those with an Accepted status.

Branding Enhancements

  • Branding options have now been extended to the volunteer’s mobile interface (
  • The branding page layout has been enhanced to enable you to focus on viewing the preview for one portal (, Timeclock, Mobile) at a time.

Assign Volunteer / Delete Signup from View Signup Details

  • When viewing the signup details (Pending Signup List) for an individual signup, there is now an option to “Assign” the volunteer to the requested shift or to “Delete” the signup.

Bulk Email Applicant / In Process Volunteers

Bulk Email Assigned Volunteers

Communications Filters and Profile Options

  • When searching for people, the “Email Filters” section has been renamed “Communications Filters“. The options have also been simplified.
  • The Communications options within a volunteer’s profile have also been reorganized for greater clarity and flexibility.

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