Version 4.7.0

Home Page Alert and Management of Pending Signups

The Focus of the Release

  • Home Page Alert and Management of Pending Signups
    • From your home page, you can now access a screen that shows you the volunteers who have signed up for shifts and are waiting to be assigned. You can also access this from the “Assign” menu, “From Pending Signup List” option.  Not only that… you can assign one or more volunteers to their requested shifts!
    • You can filter by Category/Activity as well as volunteer status and whether or not the volunteers are qualified for the Activities for which they have signed up.
    • From the list, you can also remove one or more signups, view the details of the signup and view / edit a volunteer’s profile.

Filter List of Custom Fields in Your Configuration

  • Filter Custom Fields List by the following attributes (in addition to current filtering by Module):
    • Application Form
    • Permissions (visibility of the Custom Field)
    • Type of Custom Field
    • Header (i.e. Custom Field category)

Filter List of Qualifications in Your Configuration

  • Filter Qualifications List by the following attributes:
    • Type of Qualification
    • Permissions (visibility of the Qualification)
    • Expiry option
    • Application Form

Specify Font and Weight in Branding Settings

  • Specify a font and weight (bold) to your branding settings
    • You can now pick a specific font and weight (bold or normal) for various items in the Branding settings:
        • Headings, Table Headings and Dialog Headers
        • Buttons
        • Notices

Show Current Volunteer Message Only to Your Accepted Volunteers

  • Show “Your Current Volunteer Message” only to Accepted volunteers:
    • When editing Your Current Message to Volunteers (your Volunteer News), you can decide whether to show it only to Accepted volunteers or to all volunteers

Control Display of the "Share This" Section

  • Control whether or not the “Share This” section displays
    • Public Page – The “Share This” control will appear on your home page, as well as any Activity detail page, sharing the URL of the page on which it appears.
    • – The “Share This” control will appear on the volunteer’s home page (link to your public home page) and the Opportunity details page (link to the public page for the Activity (if visible to public) or a link to your public home page (if not visible to public).

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