Version 4.6.0

Change an Activity's Schedule Type

The Focus of the Release

More Options When Making Bulk Changes to Activities

  • New options have been added when you are making bulk changes to Activities:
    • Update Application Form – update Application Form associated with Activities to direct volunteers to a different signup link (applicable to standalone organizations and organizations that are part of an enterprise)
    • Add Schedule Classification – add a Schedule Classification to Activities
    • Remove Schedule Classification – remove a Schedule Classification from Activities
  • If your organization is part of an enterprise, you can make the following additional bulk changes to Activities:
    • Add Classification – add a Classification (including Schedule Classifications) to Activities
    • Remove Classification – remove a Classification from Activities
    • Update Activity Report Group – change the Activity Report Group to which Activities belong

New Schedule Report in Calendar Format

  • Single Category by Month

    • You can now produce a report in calendar format for the selected month showing all volunteers assigned to all Activities in that category


Edit a Volunteer's Classification Selections (organizations in an enterprise)

  • Edit User Classification Selections at the Organization Level

    • In organizations that are part of an enterprise, an administrator can now edit the Classification selections in a volunteer’s profile from the organization level (as opposed to just viewing the selections).
    • You can also control who this ability when you are creating Limited Administrators.

Additional and Enhanced Information in Email History

  • Email History now offers more information when viewing the history of a sent message:
    • Whether or not a Read Receipt was requested is now part of the view
    • Whether or not the sender has requested a copy of the message (i.e. CC me) is now part of the view
    • The date created (i.e. when the message was sent) is now shown in a long date format including the time and the month name spelled out

Edit Images in the File Manager

  • Edit images in the File Manager:
    • Resize, crop, flip and rotate images
    • Apply various filters (e.g. brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, etc.) to enhance your images

System Notification Emails Enable Administrator to Respond Directly to the Volunteer

  • Reply-To email address in system notifications

    • System notifications now use the email address associated with the profile that instigated the notification as the “reply-to” email address, where possible. For example, if a volunteer declines a shift and that notification is enabled, that volunteer’s email address is used for the “reply to” address of the system notification that gets sent. This enables an administrator to reply directly to the volunteer, if appropriate.

Permission Labels for Logging Hours Have Been Shortened

  • Volunteer permissions for logging hours have been renamed for greater simplicity:
    • Default Log Hours Permission (formerly: Default General Timelog Permission For Volunteers) – to enable volunteers to log hours via their profile
    • Default Timeclock Permission (formerly: Default Timeclock Timelog Permission For Volunteers) – to enable volunteers to log hours via the timeclock

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