Version 4.3.0

Expiring / Expired Qualifications

The Focus of the Release

  • Expiring Qualifications (at the standard account and enterprise levels)
    • This menu option will show you Qualification values that are about to expire (in addition to the existing option that shows you Qualification values that have already expired)
    • A shortcut button is also displayed on your Home page
    • You can also specify exactly how many days before the expiration date you wish to include in the view (Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings, “Volunteer Qualification Alerts” section)
    • Go to: People >> Custom Fields and Qualifications >> Expiring Qualifications
  • Limiting the view of Expiring and Expired Qualifications to Accepted volunteers only (at the standard account and enterprise levels)
    • You can specify whether you want all profiles with expiring / expired qualifications to show up in these lists or limit it only to those volunteers with a status of “Accepted”
    • Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings, “Volunteer Qualification Alerts” section

Branding Enhancements

  • Color Picker: Now it’s even easier to pick your colours!
    • For each of the color options that can be customized, you can click on a button to get the exact code used for a specific color in your banner
    • Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> Branding
  • Timeclock Branding
    • Customization of colors has been extended to the Timeclock interface
    • Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> Branding

Time Clock Enhancements

  • Branding (As described above)
  • Timeclock Timeout – A warning message will now be displayed if the volunteer has been idle on the Timeclock. If the page remains inactive 30 seconds later, they will be logged out.

Switch to Volunteer View

We have had numerous requests about reintroducing the switch-to-volunteer-view feature so we have added it back, but it will only work for those administrators who choose to leave their name in the volunteer module.  For more information on the ramifications of being in both the administrator and volunteer module, refer to this help article.

Switch to Volunteer View

  • If your administrative profile also has access to the Volunteer Module, you can switch to display the volunteer’s point of view
  • Go to: Main >> Switch to Volunteer View Main Page Tweak

We have rearranged the volunteer’s homepage (after they log in) when no Twitter feed is in place so that the page is balanced better.

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