Version 4.2

Signup Details Exports

The Focus of the Release

  • Signup Detail Export (at the standard account and enterprise levels)
    • This export will show you which volunteers are signed up (aka “available”) for each shift. If you wish, it can also include those volunteers who are assigned to the shift.
    • Go to Reports >> Excel Export Reports >> Signup Detail Export

Minor Enhancements - Volunteer Impact

  • If a volunteer has the Twitter or Linked-In field filled in, we made it easy for the admins to view their Twitter feed or Linked-In profile
  • Added ability to switch between view and edit mode in a volunteer profile
  • Added the ability to expand some or all panels while editing a profile
  • Sort by hours in the approve hours page is now possible

Minor Enhancements -

  • Improved the wording on page two of the application to make the process clearer to volunteer about the need to save on the second page (or the application will not get submitted)

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