Version 4.15.0

Further Enhancements to the Volunteer Profile Note Log

The Focus of the Release

  • New report enables you to export Note Log Entries.
    • A new report has been added to the already rich lineup of exports enabling you to generate a spreadsheet containing Note Log entries.
    • You can filter for a specific date range and select the columns to include in your export.
  • Search by Note Log Entries.
    • The “Search Criteria” now includes the ability to search for profiles that contain (or do not contain) Note Log entries.
    • You can also search for entries that contain specific text and for a specific timeframe.
  • Limited Administrator setting.
    • The ability to search by Note Log Entries is now available within a Limited Administrator Role.


Filter by Locked Status When Assigning Multiple Volunteers

  • When assigning multiple volunteers to a shift or an unscheduled activity, you can now filter to show only activities / shifts with a specific Locked Status.
  • By selecting either “Locked” or “Unlocked”, you can focus on the shifts that still need people or the shifts that have already met the maximum (auto lock) number of volunteers needed.

Birthday / Anniversary Alert Settings

  • A new configuration setting option enables you to specify the number of days to look ahead for Volunteer anniversaries and whether or not only Accepted volunteers should be included in the anniversary alerts.
  • Another new configuration setting option enables you to specify the number of days to look ahead for people with birthdays and whether or not only Accepted / Active people should be included in the birthday alerts.

View Activities Associated With Your Qualifications and Feedback Fields

  • You can now see which Activities are associated with your Qualifications and Feedback Fields by clicking the “View Associated Activities” option when in the Qualification and Feedback Field configuration pages.

Default Settings for Text Editor Fields

  • A new configuration setting enables you to customize your default Rich Text Editor settings.
  • For your Email and Non-Email Rich Text Editor fields, you can now specify the default font, weight, size and color to use.

Warning When Deleting a General Interest

  • When you delete a General Interest, you will now see a warning if there are associated volunteers with that General Interest checked in their profile.

Customize Display of Volunteer Policies

  • In order to make your organization’s policies more visible to your applicants, you can edit your Application Form Settings to have your policies also included at the top of the user registration page.

Remembering Default Filter Selections

  • The ability to remember your filter selections (i.e. “make these my defaults”) will be unchecked automatically if you change your filters.
  • This will enable you to remember the filters you use regularly and also give you the option to re-save and temporary changes made in your filter selections.

Archived Volunteer Statuses

  • The volunteer “Archived” status option “Quit” has been renamed to “Resigned”.
  • If you are submitting data to us to be imported, you’ll need to be sure that “Resigned” is used instead of “Quit” (where appropriate).

Message When an Email Has Been Sent

  • When you send an email from Volunteer Impact, the message you will see now reads “The email has left our system”.

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