Version 4.15.5

Miscellaneous Enhancements


For a list of enhancements in Volunteer Impact Enterprise Edition, please see the Version 4.15.5 change log in the Enterprise Edition help pages.


Bulk Changes to Qualification and Custom Field Attributes

  • When setting up (or editing) your Qualifications and Custom Fields, you can make bulk changes to their attributes:
    • Permissions (Private, Read Only, Read/Write without approval, Read/Write with approval)
    • Display and Requirement Settings (, Application Forms)
  • If you select Custom Fields that have differing Modules, a dialog will show you the settings for the intersection of the Modules on those Custom Fields.
  • At the Enterprise level, you can also update the “Display Organizations” setting (i.e. whether or not your Qualification or Custom Field will appear in all or only selected organizations in your enterprise).

Update Expiry Date or Remove Qualifications in Bulk on Expired/Expiring Qualifications Pages

  • In addition to current capabilities of sending email or text messages (if available), you can now perform the following actions in bulk on the Expired and Expiring Qualifications pages:
    • Update Expiry Date (change the date on which the Qualification expires)
    • Remove Qualification (delete the value for the Qualification from the volunteer’s profile)

Custom Home Page Text on Your Organization's Public Page

  • Via the General Settings, Organizations can add “Custom Home Page” text that will display on the organization’s public home page.
  • This area will only display when there is text associated with the field.

Custom Title for General Interests

Search for People by Regional Language Setting

  • When searching for people by Contact Information, you can also search by the “Region” (“Regional Language Setting”) indicated in their profile.
  • You can search for those with a specific regional selection or no region selected.

Search by Date of Last Volunteer Status Change

Filter by Active Status of General Interests When Searching

  • When searching by General Interest, you can filter for only Active General Interests, only Inactive General Interests or all General Interests (i.e. Don’t Filter).

Save Column Selections in Export Reports

  • When running export reports, you can now save the selections you have made for the “Columns to include” in your export.
  • In addition to being able to save your search criteria, this will be particularly useful in situations where you have a very specific structure needed in your reports.

Mailing Labels Report Offers Options to Volunteer's Title and Suffix

Change the Module of an Existing Email Template

  • You can change the Module that an Email Message Template is associated with.
  • A confirmation will display if you have any attachments associated with the template. Confirming the change will clear any associated Stored Documents from the list.

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