Version 4.14.0

Volunteer Profile Note Log

The Focus of the Release

  • Administrators can now view a chronological log of the notes that get entered into a user’s profile.
    • Much like viewing a history of emails that have been sent, you’ll now be able to see a log of the notes added to your volunteers’ profiles.
    • Notes can also be added to multiple profiles at a time.

Filter by Last Name When Assigning Multiple Volunteers

  • In addition to the existing filters available when assigning multiple volunteers to a shift or an unscheduled activity, you can now filter by a volunteer’s last name.
  • By typing in a few characters of the volunteer’s last name and clicking [Search], you’ll be able to see the list of matching candidates.

Edit Start / End Times of Multiple Shifts

  • A new option is available when editing an Activity that enables you to change the start and end times of multiple shifts.
  • You’ll also be able to specify what should be done with those who are already signed up for or assigned to the revised shift.

Add / Remove Qualification Expiry Requirement

  • You can now add or remove the expiry requirement in a Qualification that has already been created.
    • If you are adding the expiry requirement, you will be prompted to enter an expiry date to apply to all profiles that have that Qualification
    • If you are removing the expiry requirement, you’ll be warned if data already exists for the Qualification.

More Places to Get Information on Custom Field / Qualification Attributes

Allowing Volunteers to See Their Recorded Feedback Fields

  • A new “General Settings” option enables administrators to set whether or not a volunteer can see their Feedback Fields after they have logged hours. This would affect what the volunteer sees when:
    • Viewing an existing timelog entry
    • Viewing the graph in their REPORTS tab
    • Viewing / running the Hours & Feedback Report in their REPORTS tab

More Options When Generating Feedback Export

  • In the “Feedback Export – Column Layout” report, administrators can now choose whether or not to include timelog entries that don’t have any recorded Feedback Fields.

Include Volunteer's Profile Photo URL in Export

  • The Personal Profile Export (organization and enterprise level) now includes the option to include the “Photo URL” for volunteers with a profile photo.
  • While the export does not include the person’s actual photo image, it does give administrators the ability to produce name tags or badges (via Microsoft’s “mail merge” capabilities) that include the volunteer’s profile photo.

Plain Text Areas Will Expand to Accommodate More Text

  • Plain Text areas (i.e. non Text Editor fields) will now expand in height (to a certain point) to accommodate the additional text that is added
  • This applies to the Personal Message (Communications tab of a profile), Volunteer Notes (Miscellaneous tab of a profile) and the new Note Log (Communications tab of a profile)

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