Version 4.12.0

Preventing Volunteers From Signing Up For Overlapping Shifts

The Focus of the Release

  • Administrators can now prevent volunteers from signing up for overlapping shifts of the same activity or shifts that overlap with existing scheduled activity assignments.
    • Within an organization, when a volunteer selects (signs up for) two shifts of an activity that overlap with each other, a warning dialog will display, preventing them from signing up for overlapping shifts.
    • If a shift of an activity overlaps with an existing assignment for that volunteer, the [Sign Up] button will not be displayed for that shift.

Overlapping Shifts Dialog Provides Even More Information

  • Clicking on the “Overlap” indicator button provides even more information about the overlap enabling you to compare the selection with an existing assignment.
    • When in the “Assign” tab of a volunteer’s profile, if you click on an activity and then the “Overlap” button beside a shift, you’ll now see the “Selected Shift” details at the top with “Overlapping Assignments” below that, listing the details (activity name, start date, start time, end time, confirmed status) of the shift that overlaps with the selected shift.

Edit a Shift While Assigning Volunteers

  • Through the Assign menu options (From Unscheduled List, From Scheduled List), you’ll now be able to edit some of the attributes of an activity / shift.
  • Options that can be edited:
    • Unscheduled activities: lock / unlock activity *
    • Seasonal activities: lock / unlock activity *, update season dates
    • Scheduled activities: lock / unlock shift *, edit shift (date, time, minimum / maximum number of volunteers)
  • * You will only be able to lock / unlock if the “Auto Lock” option has not been enabled for the Activity.

Headers For General Interests and General Availabilty Sections of Application Forms

  • You can now enter your own heading text for the “General Availability” and “General Interests” sections on your application forms.

Header For General Interests Section in a Volunteer's Profile

  • You can now enter your own heading text for the “General Interests” section of your volunteer profiles.

Editing a Shift: Radio Buttons Have Been Replaced With Dropdowns

  • When editing the date and/or time of a shift that has people signed up and/or assigned to it, you will now see two droplists (instead of radio buttons) that enable you to determine what to do with volunteers that had signed up for the shift or had been assigned to it. This new design ensures that an action is selected, eliminating cases where your volunteers could inadvertently be left signed up for or assigned to a revised shift.

Manage Activities Droplist Includes More Options

  • When viewing the list of your activities, you can see a few more options in the drop list that enables you to see more information on the attributes of your activities. The options “Groups Allowed” and “Hours Logged Allowed” have been added.

Public Search Page Shows Organizations List Opened by Default (Enterprise)

  • Your enterprise’s Public Search Page will now display the list of organizations (in the “Search” section) as opened, by default. This will enable volunteers to find the organizations that are offering opportunities more easily, while also hinting to them that they can open the other sections to explore / search further.

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