Version 4.11.0

Managing Volunteer Schedule Overlaps

The Focus of the Release

  • Administrators now have greater flexibility dealing with overlaps and double bookings in a volunteer’s schedule.
  • Warning of double bookings:
    • Enable an on-screen warning dialog when attempting to assign a volunteer to an overlapping assignment. This will enable the administrator to see the details of the overlapping assignment.
  • When assigning multiple volunteers to a shift from the Scheduled List:
    • If an overlap is detected, the administrator will have the choice of assigning only those volunteers without overlapping assignments or all selected volunteers.
  • When assigning a volunteer to a shift within their profile:
    • If an overlap is detected, the administrator will have the choice of assigning the volunteer to only shifts without an overlapping assignment or to all selected shifts.


Restrict Logging of Hours for a Specific Activity or Activities

  • Whether creating a new Activity or editing an existing one, you can now restrict whether or not volunteers can log hours (manually and via the timeclock) for the Activity via the “Allow Hours Logging” option in the Basic section of an Activity.
  • You can also change the hours logging setting for multiple Activities via the Bulk Activity Update menu option.

Include Volunteer Email Address in Schedule Reports

  • Many of the schedule reports now offer you the option to include a volunteer’s email address (along with their preferred phone number) in your reports or just all phone numbers.
  • The option you select will be remembered the next time you run a schedule report.

Choose Where Your Mission Statement Will Appear

  • In addition to being able to customize the heading for your organization’s Mission Statement, you can also decide where it will display by selecting any of these options:
    • on the home page
    • on the public page
  • If you are using Enterprise Edition, you can also choose where your enterprise’s mission statement will appear.

Show / Hide General Interests on Your Public Pages

  • You can choose whether or not to show active General Interests on your organization’s public page. This will not affect your application form settings and the interests will still be available to volunteers on their “Interests” page in regardless of this setting.
  • If you are using Enterprise Edition, you can also choose whether or not to Include general interests in the public page search results.

Twitter Setup Simplified

  • Setting up a Twitter feed is now even simpler. All you need to do is enter your Twitter name and specify where you want it to appear (and click “Save”, of course)!

Layout of Limited Administrator Options Simplified

  • When creating or editing a Limited Administrative Role, you can now expand / collapse each section to view / hide its options by clicking on the appropriate section header. The result is a less cluttered looking screen that enables you to navigate to the desired set of options more easily:
    • User
    • Search
    • Communications
    • Activities
    • Configuration
    • Other Settings

Links For Website Includes Other Helpful Links

Volunteer Mobile Interface Enhancements

  • The activity signup pages in the volunteer’s mobile interface ( have been enhanced.
    • A new clickable icon will let the volunteer know if they have an overlapping assignment. Clicking on it will display the information about that assignment.
    • Messages such as “You are assigned”, “Shift is locked” etc. have been replaced with a green check or a red “no entry” clickable icon. Clickable icons have also been added to the signup details pages so that relationship can be seen.
    • Shift details (time) are displayed on a new line to avoid potential truncation of information.


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