Version 4.10.0

Client Module and Other Enhancements

The Focus of the Release

There is definitely something for everyone in this release, but the bulk of the enhancements involve the Client Module. The main areas affected are:

  • Editing an organization member (volunteer, client)
  • Creating / editing an Activity
  • Searching
  • Contacts
  • Limited Administrator permissions

Please note that none of this is visible or applicable to organizations that do not have the Client Module enabled.

Here are some of the exciting new things that you’ll be able to do:

  • Associate a Client with an Activity
    • There is an additional tab within an Activity, enabling you to specify the client that the Activity is associated with
  • Associate a Volunteer with a Client
    • You can associate your Volunteers with any number of Clients. An organization setting will determine whether or not the Volunteer can see the Client’s contact information.
  • Associate a Client with a Volunteer
    • You can associate your Clients with any number of Volunteers.
  • Search for Volunteers with or without an association to a Client
    • When performing a search, you can look for those Volunteers with or without any associated Clients
  • Filter Activity list to assign Volunteers to Activities that are associated with any of their Clients
    • When you are in a Volunteer’s profile to assign them to an Activity, a filter will enable you to display Activities that are associated with any of that person’s Clients


Automatically Confirm Volunteer Assignments

  • Volunteers can now be automatically confirmed once they are assigned to an activity, eliminating the need for an extra step of confirming an assignment. This setting will apply if the volunteer signed up on or was assigned by an administrator.

Customize Mission Statement Header

  • You can override the heading for your mission statement on and on your public page from the default (i.e. “Mission Statement”) to any other text desired. The maximum number of characters allowed is 100.

Monitor System Status

  • Volunteer Impact Administrators and visitors to the sales sites can now monitor the current system status. Information is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen. These updates will notify you in advance of planned maintenance (updates) and other service status information.
  • You can also subscribe to system status updates via email.

Copy Activity Template (Enterprise users)

  • In addition to being able to view, edit and delete existing Activity Templates, enterprise users can now copy their existing Activity Templates.
  • When copying Activity Templates, Feedback Fields, Qualifications and Classifications can also be copied to the new template.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • When deleting a Committee, a message will indicate how many volunteers belong to that Committee
  • When performing a bulk update of Custom Fields, if you searched based on a custom field, that field will be pre-selected in the update section
  • When performing a bulk update of Qualifications, if you searched based on a qualification, that qualification will be pre-selected in the update section
  • When performing a bulk update of Custom Fields or Qualifications, the search results checkboxes are displayed alphabetically in columns instead of rows
  • When running reports, exports and mailing labels, the file format you had selected will be remembered
  • There is now a Print button on the Interactive Sample Form dialog
  • If you have SMS (text messaging) enabled, the total number of messages your organization has sent is now visible on your administrative home page in the “Account Information” section
  • Volunteers now have a Google Maps link to their organization’s address in the “Organizations” section of their “MY PROFILE” tab
  • Enterprise only: There is an option to show or hide the “Fill in an Application” button on your public search page

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