Versions 4.0.1 through 4.0.10

There were a few releases in the days immediately following the release of version 4.0. We established and maintained a goal of fixing any reported bug within one day. In addition to various bug fixes we also worked in the following.

Volunteer Impact Enhancements

  • Increased the number of Activities that can be displayed on Activities >> Manage Activities from 100 to 250.
  • When editing a volunteer, the default date for their schedule report is now their next assignment date
  • Added a function to include shifts without assignments to the detailed schedule export
  • Added a function to archive and remove volunteers from the manage applicant and in-process lists
  • Simplified the process of removing archived administrators
  • Added a function to search for volunteers by activity shift. Enhancements

  • Refined the functions on the MVP opportunity details page to simplify enabling/disabling the confirm, withdraw, signup button
  • Relocated the logout button on MVP as per suggestions from volunteers

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