Un-Archive (Re-Activate) Volunteers


Archiving a volunteer will remove Activity information (signups, assignments, backup list), General Interests and Committee memberships. Please be certain that this is what you wish to do when archiving one or more profiles.

Un-Archive (Reactivate) One Volunteer

  1. Go to: People >> Search
  2. Search for the volunteer you would like to un-archive (i.e. make active again)
  3. Hover over the Options icon beside the volunteer
  4. Click on “Edit”
  5. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section
  6. In the “Volunteer” section, change the status to the desired value
  7. Click the [Update Status] button

Un-Archive (Reactivate) Multiple Volunteers

  1. Go to: People >> Volunteers >> Bulk Volunteer Status Change
  2. Search for the volunteers you would like to un-archive (reactivate)
  3. Check the box beside each volunteer you would like to archive or check the box in the black header to select all volunteers in the list
  4. Click the [Update Status] button
  5. Select the status to apply to all selected volunteers
  6. Click the [Update Status] button

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