Sign Up, Assigned, Backup List - Definitions

Sign Up

A volunteer has requested to be assigned to (scheduled for) a shift or unscheduled/seasonal Activity (i.e. “I would like to be assigned.”). Since they have not yet been scheduled, they can return to their OPPORTUNITIES tab and “Withdraw” their sign up (i.e. “I no longer would like to be assigned.”).


A volunteer has been scheduled for a shift or unscheduled/seasonal Activity. The assignment will appear to them in their SCHEDULE tab in If you have enabled them to do so, they can still “Decline” a shift assignment (i.e. “I can no longer make it to this assignment.”).

(See “auto confirm” and “allow volunteers to remove themselves” options for more information.)

Backup List

A volunteer has placed themselves on the backup list for the Activity (i.e. the entire activity; not for a specific shift). The volunteer would typically do this if there is no space available on a shift they’d like to be assigned to and they want to let you know that they’d be willing to work any shift if they are needed (or if space becomes available).

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