Restricting Access to Your Timeclock

Controlling Where a Timeclock Can Be Started / Stopped


The target audience for this article is members of your Information Technology department.

In some organizations, you may want to restrict a Timeclock to being started or stopped from one specific location (to prevent a volunteer from starting a Timeclock at an unauthorized location). In larger organizations or those with a variety of Timeclock kiosks, this restriction may apply to a range of locations. With the “Restricted Timeclock IP Address Ranges” feature, you can restrict from where volunteers are allowed to start or stop a Timeclock. This setting applies to both the full and mobile (if enabled) Timeclock interfaces.

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings
  2. Scroll to the “Restricted Timeclock IP Address Ranges” section
  3. Enter an IP address or a CIDR range (you can enter multiple addresses / ranges)
  4. Click the [Add IP Address / CIDR Range] button
  5. Click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page

To remove an address or range, highlight it and then click the [Remove IP Address / CIDR Range] button.


By clicking the [Test an IP Address Against These Ranges] button, you can check to see if a specific IP address is included in the IP addresses and CIDR ranges you have specified. You can also see your current public IP address.