Adding a New Activity- Step 5

Feedback Fields

  1. Check the box beside each Feedback Field associated with this activity. When hours are logged for the activity, volunteers will be asked the question posed in the “Display to volunteers as” column.
    • If the Feedback Field you need for this Activity has not yet been created, you can create it here by clicking the [Add New] button
  2. Click Next to move on to the Classifications (Enterprise clients only) or Save if you are not adding any classifications

Just getting started?
If you are just getting started and there aren’t Feedback Fields listed here yet, save your work so far and go to Configuration >> Feedback Fields to add them.

Tutorial on Adding New Feedback Fields

If there is no Feedback Fields link under Configuration, then your administrator rights do not allow you to add these fields. You will need to contact the super-administrator at your organization.

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