Adding a New Activity - Step 1

What is an Activity

An activity is a task, assignment, position or opportunity (depending on what terminology your organization uses) to which a volunteer can be assigned. It can also be used to create a scheduled event such as a training session or volunteer orientation. Activities that have something in common can be grouped into categories.

Add New Activity - Basic Info

  1. Go to: Activities >> Manage Activities
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Activities” header (above the list of activities) and click on “New Activity”
  3. Click the “Basic Info” header and fill in the following:
    1. Activity: The name of the position (maximum 50 characters)
    2. Category: Select from the list (You can create these later and then move this Activity)
    3. Activity Report Group: (Only applicable to accounts in an Enterprise license)
    4. Application Form: If prospective applicants are looking at your list of publicly-visible activities via a signup link, they can be directed to fill in a specific application form (1, 2 or 3) or to the application form associated with the page they are viewing (i.e. Default). (If you are just getting started, you may want to leave this as Default for now.)
    5. Active: Activities not marked as Active (i.e. “Inactive” activities) won’t be visible to volunteers and won’t appear on most of your admin screens.
    6. Allow Hours Logging: Check the box to enable volunteers to log hours for this Activity. This applies whether they log hours manually through or via your Timeclock. If volunteers are not permitted to log hours for the Activity, it will not appear in the droplist when they are logging hours. (Please note that this will not prevent administrators from logging hours for the activity.)
    7. Allow Group Signup: Check the box to enable groups to sign up for this Activity. (Removing the check from this box will prevent groups from signing up for this Activity.)
    8. Description – pre-assigned: Information about the activity, seen by those who are applying for it (displays in the volunteer’s “OPPORTUNITIES” tab after they have clicked on the link to the Activity)
    9. Description – post-assigned: More detailed information for those assigned to the activity (displays in the volunteer’s “SCHEDULE” tab after they click on the [Activity Details] button beside the Activity assignment)
    10. Internal Notes: Additional information about the activity that you want visible only to administrators

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