Update Volunteer Profiles - Miscellaneous Information

Update Miscellaneous Information

  1. Type a the volunteer’s name in the Quick Search bar in near the top of the screen on the right hand side.
  2. Click on the volunteer’s name from the list that appears
  3. While in the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” sub-tab (in the second row of tabs)
  4. In the “Volunteer” module section, make the necessary changes:
    • Status: Select the new status for the volunteer and click the [Update Status] button.
    • Date Joined: When a volunteer fills in your application form, the “Date Joined” defaults to the date the application was completed. You can change that date here. You can also see how many years a volunteer has been with your organization.
    • Application Form: This field indicates the application form that the volunteer used to apply to your organization.
    • Log Hours Permission: By selecting a value here, you can override what the default log hours permission is for all volunteers.
    • Timeclock Permission: By selecting a value here, you can override what the default timeclock permission is for all volunteers.
    • Donor Record URL: If the volunteer is also a donor, you can enter the URL that links to their donor record.
    • Notes: You can enter information about the volunteer that will only be visible to other administrators.
    • Goals: While a volunteer can enter goals information, you can monitor it here and update it, if necessary.
  5. If this profile represents a group (i.e. multiple people), scroll down to the  “Group Settings” section and make the necessary changes:
    • Group: Check this box if this profile represents a group. This will enable that profile to sign up for activities and shifts in MyVolunteerPage.com as a group, indicating the number of people associated with that specific signup.
    • Group Name: Enter a name for the group.
  6. Click the [Save] button when you are finished.

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