Edit an Activity or Shift While Assigning Volunteers

Editing a Shift While Assigning Volunteers

When assigning from the “Assign” menu options (Unscheduled List, Scheduled List), you can also edit some of the attributes of the activity / shift by clicking the black [Options] icon to the left of the activity (unscheduled, seasonal) or shift (scheduled):

  • Unscheduled Activities: Lock Activity / Unlock Activity
  • Seasonal Activities: Lock Activity / Unlock Activity, Update Season Dates
  • Scheduled Activities: Lock Shift / Unlock Shift, Edit Shift
    • From the “Edit Shift” options you can change:
      • Basic Info: shift start date, start time, end time
      • Override Activity Defaults: change number of volunteers (i.e. minimum), auto lock (i.e. maximum)


The ability to lock or unlock a shift (or activity) is only available if “Auto Lock” has not been enabled for that activity.

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