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Online Help

While you are working in Volunteer Impact, you can click on the “Help Files” button (the book) to access the searchable online database of help topics.

Starting a Live Chat With a Member of the Support Team

If you need to get in touch with a member of the Support Team, you can click on the “Chat” button to start a conversation.

  1. Click the [New Conversation] button
  2. Enter your text in the field with the “Send a message…” hint in it and hit Enter.

You can keep the conversation going, but if you have a new (i.e. unrelated) question, it is best to start a new conversation.

Telephone Support

If you need to reach us by telephone, please call the number below for your region:

  • Canada, USA: 800-844-1545
  • United Kingdom: 020 3014 0226
  • Ireland: 01 636 9446
  • Australia: 800 893 516
  • New Zealand: 803 659 0128

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