Change Activity Schedule Type


In order to change the Activity type of a Scheduled Activity, it must have only ONE shift. If it has more than one shift, you will need to remove the extra shifts prior to changing the Activity type.
  1. Go to: Activities >> Manage Activities
  2. Hover over the options icon beside the Activity
  3. Click on “Update Activity Type”. The current name and schedule type for the activity will display.
  4. Select the desired New Type from the drop list. The options displayed will depend on the current schedule type for the activity:
    • Unscheduled: change to “unscheduled”
    • Seasonal: specify the start / end dates and change to “seasonal”
    • Scheduled: specify the shift date, start / end dates and change to “scheduled” (you can add more shifts later by editing the Activity)
  5. Click the [Save] button

    If volunteers had already signed up for this activity:

    You can choose:

    • Do not change existing sign ups (default selection)
    • Delete existing sign ups

    If volunteers had already been assigned to this activity:

    You can choose:

    • Do not change existing activity assignments (default selection)
    • Set existing activity assignments to be unconfirmed
    • Delete existing activity assignments

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