Can't Find a Volunteer / Volunteer Can't Do Anything


A volunteer says that they completed the application but they don’t show up in my account.

The first step in filling in an application for a new volunteer is to enter contact information. Once the volunteer has done this, their profile is created. The second step involves filling in your application form (General Availability, General Interests, Qualifications, Custom Fields). If the volunteer enters invalid data or does not enter required data, an error message will be generated. If the volunteer does not acknowledge and respond to the error or navigates away from the signup page, the profile will still be created, but it will not be associated with your organization.

In that case, you can:

  1. Re-generate your signup link and
  2. Send it to the volunteer (enabling them to sign up again re-using their existing username and password that was created in the first step of the application process)
The volunteer will need to start on the right side of the screen under “I already have a username”.

Volunteer says their display isn't right or can't see any tabs or ''You do not belong to any organizations''.

It is likely that the profile has been removed from the organization. In this case, the volunteer will not be able to see the Activities, Custom Fields, Qualifications, General Interests, Availability or Contacts associated with your organization. If a search (People >> Search) for the volunteer returns no results, you can:

  1. Generate a signup link (Configuration >> Links for Website) and
  2. Send the link to the volunteer (enabling them to sign up again with your organization re-using their existing username and password)

I can see a volunteer in my database but they can’t see anything about our organization when they log in.

You can still report on hours logged by a volunteer who has been removed from your organization.

If, however, you can still see the volunteer’s name in a search, the likelihood is that the profile has been archived. This would still enable you to view the profile, but the volunteer would be restricted from seeing anything related to your organization (Custom Fields, Qualifications, General Interests, Availability, Activities, Contacts).

If you can find the volunteer, but they still can’t see anything about your organization, the volunteer may have multiple profiles and is logging on with the wrong one.

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