Assigning a Volunteer After a Shift has Occured

Assign a Volunteer After a Shift Has Occurred

Assigning a volunteer to a shift that has occurred in the past can only be done from the Scheduled List. It cannot be done within the Schedule tab of a volunteer’s profile.
  1. Go to Assign >> From Scheduled List
  2. Adjust the date range to include the past shift you wish to assign the volunteer to. (By default, your schedule will only show future shifts.)
  3. Select the desired Activity Category and Activity you wish to assign the volunteer to.
  4. Click the [Filter Activities] button
  5. Click on the desired shift.
  6. In the “Assign Volunteer” window, you can use a variety of filters to find the volunteer you wish to assign. (You might want to consider unchecking all current boxes and filtering by the desired volunteer’s Last Name.)


If the Activity has already been made Inactive, you will need to set it to active before it will show on your schedule. You can do this by going to Activities >> Manage Activities and editing the Activity there.

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