Making a Volunteer an Administrator

Giving a Volunteer Administrative Access

If you have a volunteer that you need to provide with administrative access to Volunteer Impact, you can edit that person’s profile and add them to the “Administrator Module”. A separate profile is not needed.

  1. Edit the profile
  2. In the “Main” tab, go to the “Miscellaneous” section
  3. Scroll down to the “Administrator” section and select the appropriate “Status” from the drop list (“Active”, “Archived”)
  4. Click the [Add to Module] button
  5. The person is added (by default) as an administrator with no system access. Click the [Update Administrator Role] button and choose the appropriate role. Your options are:
    • Full: access to all menu items
    • Limited: access to only specific menu items, as configured in the associated Limited Access Administrative Role
    • Module: Most clients are set up with an administrator module and a volunteer module. If your organization also subscribes to the Client module or Member module, these will be options as well. Administrators of a module have the ability to use all functions available within that module.
    • No system access: Used for Better Impact billing contacts, contacts for volunteers who don’t need access to the software
  6. Change any other admin settings, as needed
  7. Click the [Save] button in the “Administrator” section


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