Activity - Bulk Changes

Changing an element of an Activity profile across multiple Activities at once.

Bulk Changes

  1. Go to: Activities >> Bulk Activity Updates
  2. Set the filters to retrieve the desired list of activities
  3. Click the [Filter Activities] button
  4. Select the Activities you wish to change
  5. Scroll down and select the desired option from the appropriate group in the “Change Selected” drop-down list:
    • Basic Info:
      • Update Category (move activities to a different category or to “Uncategorized”)
      • Update Application Form
      • Update Active Status
      • Update Hours Logging Setting
      • Update Group Signup Setting
      • Update Pre-Assigned Description
      • Update Post-Assigned Description
      • Update Internal Notes
    • Visibility and Automation:
      • Update Visibility Settings
      • Update Minimum Volunteers
      • Update Self-Scheduling and Auto Lock
    • Qualifications:
      • Add a Qualification
      • Remove a Qualification
    • Feedback Fields:
      • Add a Feedback Field
      • Remove a Feedback Field
    • Classifications:
      • Add Schedule Classification
      • Remove Schedule Classification
  6. Repeat the steps above if you want to change multiple attributes of the activities

Adding Multiple Shifts

Please note that there is no way to add multiple shifts to multiple Activities at once. Shifts must be added to one Activity at a time.


If your organization is part of an enterprise:

Instead of “Add/Remove Schedule Classification, the following options may also be available:

  • Add Classification (including Schedule Classifications) in the “Classifications” section
  • Remove Classification (including Schedule Classifications) in the “Classifications” section
  • Update Activity Report Group (add or remove an Activity Report Group) in the “Basic Info” section

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