Version 4.22

eLearning Modules & Other Improvements!

eLearning Modules

  • Administrators can create eLearning Modules that contain a series of multiple choice questions for their volunteers to answer. These Modules are associated with a Qualification so, upon successful completion of the Module, the matching Qualification in the volunteer’s profile is updated with the level associated with that Module. If the volunteer fails the Module (based on the passing grade you assign to it), they’ll be able to retake it.
  • eLearning Modules are ideal for organizations that need their volunteers to complete some form of online training or onboarding process in order to qualify them for your Activities.
  • There are also Limited Admin permissions for viewing and managing eLearning Modules.

Current Message to Administrators

  • The “Current Message to Administrators” field enables you to create a message that will be seen by all enterprise administrators. While this message will be visible to every administrator of the enterprise, but can only be edited by full enterprise administrators.
  • If you enter information for the “Current Message to Administrators” at the organization level, it will be visible to administrators in that organization.

Additional Enhancements: Standard Edition

Additional Enhancements: Donor Impact

  • A “12 Month Trend Report” has been added to Donor Impact to illustrate the change in donation levels over the course of a 12 month period. Permissions have been added to enable you to give your limited admins access to run all Donor reports.
  • Please see the Donor Impact help pages for further information..

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