Version 4.20

Better Impact Buddies & Other Improvements!

Better Impact Buddies

  • As an administrator, you can now search across the wide range of Better Impact administrators who have opted to be a resource based on a specific classification (type of organization), number of volunteers, modules, or geographic region.
  • You can also set yourself up to be a Better Impact Buddy for other administrators.
  • This feature is available to all full organizations and enterprises.

Hiding the Enterprise Banner From Volunteers

  • When we create your enterprise and organizations, you can let us know whether or not your enterprise level banner should be visible to volunteers in your organizations when they log on to
  • The enterprise banner will still be visible to any people viewing your enterprise public page (signup link).

Additional Enhancements - Standard Edition

For a list of additional enhancements at the organization level, please see the Version 4.20 Change Log for Standard Edition.

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