Version 4.18

Integration with "Verified Volunteers"

New and Enhanced Features in Volunteer Impact


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New Menu Structure

  • With the growing list of options available in Volunteer Impact, some of the menu options have either moved or been renamed:
    • Email Templates (Configuration >> Email Templates) can be found here: Communicate >> Email Templates
    • Security Groups (Configuration >> Security Groups) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Security Groups
    • Limited Administrator Roles (Configuration >> Limited Admin Roles) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Limited Admin Roles
    • Enterprise Administrators (Configuration >> Enterprise Administrators) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Enterprise Administrators

Update Your Custom Home Page Text From Your Administrative Home Page

  • In addition to entering and updating the Custom Home Page Text displayed on your enterprise’s public page from the General Settings, you can now view, edit and update that text directly from your Volunteer Impact home page.

See the Application Form Associated With General Interest Templates and Activity Templates

  • At the enterprise level, when viewing your General Interest Templates and Activity Templates, you can see the application form associated with them (if you have selected something other than “Default Application Form”).

Create Shift Templates at the Enterprise Level

  • You can now create Shift Templates at the enterprise level so that they can be used by administrators in the organizations in your enterprise.

Member and Donor Information is Visible to Enterprise Administrators

CAPTCHA Code on the Signup Process for Organizations

  • When a new organization signs up to join a Community Impact account (i.e. Community Hub / Volunteer Centre), they are now required to enter a CAPTCHA code.

Standard Edition Enhancements

For a  comprehensive list of enhancements in the Standard Edition of Volunteer Impact, please see the Version 4.18 change log in the Standard Edition help pages.

Integration with Verified Volunteers

We are pleased to introduce integration with “Verified Volunteers“, a service that will enable you to support external background checks for your volunteers and use that information in Qualifications within Volunteer Impact.

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