Formatting Text in Rich Text Fields

The Text Editor

About the Text Editor

The Text Editor enables you to enter text and format it in a variety of ways, including:

  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Emphasis (text colour, background colour, bold, italic, underscore, strikethrough, subscript, superscript)
  • Alignment (left, centre, right, justified)
  • Numbering
  • Bullet lists
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Special characters

The Text Editor also enables you to access various File Manager options:

  • Upload images and documents to the File Manager
  • Insert images and files into Text Editor fields
  • Insert videos into non-email Text Editor fields


Where is the Text Editor Available?

The Text Editor is available in:

  • Description fields (custom fields, qualifications, activities, general interests, feedback fields)
  • Header text for custom fields and qualifications
  • Application form messages (volunteer policies, custom field and qualification section headers, message to complete application form, application completion message)
  • Volunteer News
  • Mission Statement
  • Email body (and email templates)

Default Settings for Text Editor Fields

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Enterprise Settings >> Rich Text Editor Settings
  2. In the desired section (“Email Rich Text Edtors”, “Non-Email Rich Text Editors”), select the defaults you would like to use for Rich Text Editor fields:
    • Font Face (select from the drop list)
    • Font Weight (select either “Normal” or “Bold” from the drop list)
    • Font Size (select from the drop list)
    • Font Color (select a color from the palette or click the [x] button to select a color from your banner, if applicable)
  3. You can view the “Preview” text to see what your default settings will look like
  4. Click the [Save] button

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