Trend Analysis

Reports Available

  • Monthly Comparison Chart: Compares total hours logged and number of volunteers that logged hours over the course of the past 12 months along with totals for numeric feedback logged.
  • Numeric Feedback Efficiency: Compares totals for numeric feedback logged over the course of the past 12 months.

Run a Report

  1. Go to: Reports >> Trend Analysis Reports
  2. Select the desired report to run
  3. You can select up to four components to include in the chart by clicking the desired button:
    • [Add to right side]: adds the selection to a scale on the right side of the chart
    • [Add to left side]: adds the selection to a scale on the left side of the chart
    • [Remove from chart]: removes the selection from the chart
  4. Click the [Chart Options] menu in the upper right corner to:
    • Change Chart Type (Line, Column)
    • Download Chart (PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG)
  5. Click the desired button at the bottom to export your numeric results to either a CSV file or an XLSX file


You can also click on the [Clear Selections] button to clear your currently selected options and start building your report again.

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