Hours and Numbers of Volunteers

Reports Available

  • 12 Month Trend: Illustrates the change in activity levels (hours, number of volunteers) over the course of a 12 month period
  • Hours by Organization: Displays the number of logged hours and the number of volunteers contributing hours for each organization and graphs the five most active organizations.
  • Hours by Activity Report Group: Displays the number of logged hours and the number of volunteers contributing hours for each Activity Report Group and graphs the five most active Report Groups.
  • Hours by Volunteer: Displays the hours logged and number of entries logged by each volunteer.
  • Logged Hours Export: Individual hours logged by date, Activity Category, Activity and volunteer and exported to Excel for further data analysis.

Run a Report

  1. Go to: Reports >> Hours Reports
  2. Select the desired report to run
  3. Optional:To search for specific profiles to include, click the [Report on a specific group] button and run the search
  4. Enter or select the options for the report
  5. Click the [View Report] button to see the report on screen
  6. Click the [Export Report] button to generate a PDF version

Export Raw Data

  1. Go to: Reports >> Exports / Excel Reports >> Logged Hours Export
  2. Optional: Enter a date range
  3. Optional: Filter the export by Activity Category
  4. Choose your sorting preference
  5. By default we have selected the most columns used in an export. Click the [Show Columns] button to see what columns are included and to make any changes you’d like.
  6. Click the [Export Logged Hours] button

TIP: Saving Your Column Selections

Once you have chosen the appropriate values from the “Columns to Include” section, check the box “Make these my default columns”. When you run this report again at a later date, the selections you have made will be remembered, making it easier to run your specific report.

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