Client Connections

Search for Clients Associated With Volunteers

  1. To search for clients that are/aren’t associated with volunteers, go to: People >> Search (or any other menu option that uses the search feature)
  2. In the “Module and Status Filters” section, select the desired client statuses to include in the search
  3. In the “Communications Filters” section, optionally select the desired choice. Settings are broken down into three categories. You can make one selection from each category:
    • Email: Don’t Filter (default), Has Email, Has No Email
    • Mobile Email: Don’t Filter (default), Has Mobile Email, Has No Mobile Email
    • Text Messaging [this will only appear if Text Messaging has been enabled]: Don’t Filter (default), Has text messaging enabled, Does not have text messaging enabled
  4. In the “Group Filters” section, optionally select the desired choice: Don’t Filter (default), Individuals Only (profiles associated with one person only), Groups Only (profiles that have been defined as representing a group)
  5. Click the [Add Search Criteria] button to add other options to your search
  6. Select Client Connections from the drop-down list.
  7. Select the desired Status from the drop-down list:
    • Client is associated with volunteers
    • Client is not associated with volunteers
  8. Click the [Add and Go] button to run your search or the [Add] button to add further criteria

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