Quick Search / Edit a Client Profile

Search / Edit a Non-Archived Profile

The quickest way to find and edit a non-archived profile, is to start typing a few characters of the person’s name (first name or last name) into the “Quick Search” field at the top right of the screen, just below the menu bar. The first 10 results will appear. You may need to type a few characters in order to narrow down your search. You can also search by entering the volunteer’s “DatabaseUserId” value (visible when viewing a profile or in a Personal Profile Export).

Edit a Client's Profile

Structure of a client’s profile:

  • Main tab:
    • Contactname, address, telephone, email, birthdate, photo, username, password, twitter, LinkedIn
    • Custom Fieldscustom field values
    • Miscellaneousclient status
  • Communications tab:
    • Send Emailsend an email (visible only if an email address has been entered)
    • Send Mobile Emailsend an email to a mobile device (visible only if a mobile email address has been entered)
    • Email Historyhistory of messages sent to the client
  • Connections tab – view / edit associations with volunteers


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