Managing Applicant / In Process Clients

Manage Applicant / In Process Clients

  1. Go to: People >> Clients and select either “Manage Applicants” or “Manage In Process”
  2. Click the [Options] button to the left of a client’s name and select the desired choice:
    • View – view the client’s profile
    • Edit – edit the client’s profile
    • Send Email – send an email to the client
    • Send Mobile Email – send an email to the client’s mobile email address
    • Change Status – change the status of the client
    • Archive – archive the client’s profile
    • Remove – remove the client’s profile from your organization
  3. Optionally, select multiple clients and scroll to the bottom and choose the desired action to apply to the selected clients from the “Choose Bulk Action” drop list (a specific status, archive clients, remove clients, send email)


You can also access these screens by clicking on the link to the number of clients in either “Applicant” or “In Process” status in the “Status Update” section on your administrative home page.

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