Client Application Form - Hyperlinks for your website and emails


Generate Signup Link

Full URL versus shortened URL:

If you are posting a signup link to your website, you should only use the full URL. While URL shorteners are available, they should only be used if you are sending that link to someone who is about to fill in your application.
  1. Go to: Configuration >> Links for Website
  2. Choose the type of link to generate:
    • Activity List: Link to a page showing applicants a list of General Interests and Activities visible to the general public. From here, they can fill in a volunteer application form.
    • Application Form: Direct link to your application form.
  3. Select the application form to generate
  4. Optional: Enter link text
  5. Click the [Generate Link] button to generate a preview, HTML code and a URL that you can add to your website

When a volunteer clicks on your signup link, they can create a new profile (“I am new to”) or re-use an existing profile (“I already have a username”) so that they only have to remember one username and password.


Click on one of the “Share” options at the bottom to share or email this link.

Helpful Links

At the bottom of the Generate Links page, you’ll find a list of some other helpful links:

Enter your keywords and press Enter.